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Welcome to Elaeis Organic where you can purchase Certified Organic Virgin Red Palm Oil and Organically Grown Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. These oils have been used for both nutritional and medicinal purposes by indigenous communities from tropical regions for thousands of years. As well as being tasty and versatile, both of these oils possess many additional attributes. For this reason, there is extensive research literature available on the effects of consuming these oils.

At Elaeis Organic we have gone to every length to source and produce products of optimal quality and freshness. Our Coconut and Red Palm Oils are 100% organic, virgin unrefined oils that contain all the pure natural goodness nature intended. Click on the Red Palm and Coconut Oil links to learn more about these wonderful oils. We hope you enjoy, as we have, adding these nutritious and delicious cooking oils to your diet.

"Palm oil is the most important food oil in the world in terms of the human diet. Wherever red palm fruit is used the people are generally in better health and there is generally no vitamin A deficiency. The fruit of the red palm is really a wonderful foodstuff."

Professor Mark Wahlqvist: Honorary Professor, Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Monash University; Chief Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition and eminent International Nutritionist. Monash Magazine, 18, Nov 2006.

"It is now clear and scientifically validated that the inclusion of coconut oil in the diet could and should be utilized for its preventive and healing properties."


Mary G. Enig, PhD: Nutritionist and Biochemist; renowned international expert on lipid biochemistry. Weston A Price Foundation. (2006). More Good news On Coconut Oil. [online]

Our Story

Our interest in health food suddenly took on a whole new meaning when our first baby, a little girl, was born at 24 weeks gestation.  This early arrival meant that she has had to face many health challenges.

One of the major challenges being a severe allergy to all dairy products, eggs and nuts.  We had to search for other foods that could provide our daughter with her nutritional requirements. This is when we came across Virgin Red Palm Fruit Oil.

I was amazed at this absolute superfood, so incredibly high in Vitamin A and Vitamin E.  As these vitamins were found in this Oil {Vitamin E can only be absorbed by the body in the presence of a fat, which is why Vit E capsules are an inefficient means of absorbing the vitamin} they would be extremely bio-available to her body . Red Palm Oil would boost our daughters immune system and give her the Vit A she was unable to consume in raw butter.  We also found after trying many other natural remedies unsuccessfully, that the Virgin Red Palm Oil combined with Manuka honey, when applied to the skin, soothed and healed severe excema. We were hooked!   

About this time we also came across Coconut Oil, another wonder oil that would further strengthen our daughters immune system. Nine years later our daughter consumes high amounts of both these oils daily and as a tribute to this has the most beautiful skin you have ever seen! We have endeavoured give our daughter virgin organic oils of the highest quality.  And it is these oils that we are pleased to make available to you.        





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